AAFCA events connects your projects to a group of influencers who represent your target audience. We work with our partners to customize programs that will create active engagement around your work. For more information, please email events@aafca.com.


Partnering with AAFCA is like plugging in to one of the most influential group of film historians and enthusiasts in the country. Their connections in our top markets allow for seamless integrations and measurable results. Whether it is a panel discussion with top tier talent, a screening series, or simply asking them to lend their support for projects featuring talent across the Diaspora, AAFCA provides a wealth of knowledge and insight into the black, often underserved consumer, allowing films to bridge the gap between marketing and true, hyper targeting messaging.

-Ellene V. Miles, SVP, Terry Hines Agency

A filmmaker’s path to legitimacy is long and hard, so it’s important that we have a resource like African American Film Critics Association, who play a critical role in making sure that our projects don’t go unnoticed. Through their professional work as critics and the projects that they produce year round, AAFCA fills an important gap that has a business and creative impact in our industry. Gil Robertson and AAFCA are an integral part of the Hollywood community who I look too as a valued and viable friend to filmmakers. I look forward to a continued relationship with the organization as they endeavor to reward, award, and recognize diverse voices in the Hollywood landscape.
— Jeff Byrd, filmmaker & Co-Chair of The DGA AASC
Gil Robertson and AAFCA have been incredibly influential in assisting the WGAw, Committee of Black Writers (CBW) in our mission to increase visibility and create career and networking opportunities for Black writers by supporting our efforts and partnering with us in specialty events. Together we hosted the first annual Holiday Soul party held at the United Talented Agency (UTA) in Beverly Hills. AAFCA has also supported CBW writers in a myriad of other ways by hosting us on panels and at conferences and inviting us to their illustrious industry networking events, including their AAFCA Awards and Oscar Viewing Party. CBW is extremely grateful for the relationship it has with AAFCA and look forward to many, many years of collaboration and success.
— Michelle Amor | Co-Chair, Committee of Black Writers | WGAw