2016 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival Kick Off

  One of my favorite film festivals to attend throughout the year is the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival and I'm usually the only person of color at any number of screenings...lol

I love this festival, because these films bust the stereotype of Asians wide open.  It's an opportunity to see this diverse ethnic group as just that - a diversified, talented faction of society that displays an emotionally charged sense of family, togetherness and quality work.

Visual Communications production and @angryasianman aka Phil Yu invited to their #LAPFF kick off party a few weeks back and here is a little preview of how that went...

The Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival sponsored by Lexus runs in Los Angeles from April 21 - April 28.  for more info, film screenings and locations, please log onto www.vconline.org/festival.