I have to admit, didn't know much about Richard Branson other than the fact he owned Virgin America Airlines or how he came to acquire that except for an interview I saw on The Oprah Show some years back.  Neither did I recognize he was  the dude who signed major rock stars ranging from the Sex Pistols to the Rolling Stones, making Virgin Records the biggest independent labels in the world.  To date, there are more than 100 Virgin companies worldwide, employing approximately 60,000 people in over 50 countries.  Can you say

After screening Don't Look Down, I surmised Richard Branson is fascinating.  He's a ridiculously rich man, who wants nothing more than to be an explorer and get credit for those accomplishments.  To say that he is a daredevil or one who takes great risks is an understatement.

Were his thrilling desires really work the risks?  Branson has challenged himself with many record-breaking adventures, including the fastest ever Atlantic Ocean crossing, series of hot air balloon adventures and kite surfing across the English Channel.

Daniel Gordon’s documentary Don’t Look Down, which screened at Tribeca,  centered on Branson’s daredevil balloon flights across the Atlantic and the Pacific.  In regards to the Atlantic trip, Branson says, “Six tried before us. Five had died,” and what “could go wrong, went wrong on that flight.”

Don't Look Down will give you a bird's-eye view of this dramatic untold story straight from his collaborators, family, never seen archival footage from inside the hot air balloon capsule and the most intimate thoughts on all of this from Branson himself.

The capsule footage is fascinating, as you learn that although being in a hot air balloon may look like a beautiful and etherial it made me personally never want to attempt that adventure ever in life!

What is even more fascinating is the fact that his collaborators on this adventure Don Cameron has a heart of gold and nerves of steel, which made him the perfect dude to be thousands of feet in the air with Richard Branson.

“We shouldn’t be here to tell the tale, but it tells for a gripping film,” says Branson. Submarine Entertainment is handling both U.S. and foreign sales for Don’t Look Down.


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