It's safe to say that no one and I mean NO ONE expected Donald J. Trump to be elected as President of the United States.  I mean this was some one who bragged about grabbing hoo-ha's, disrespected outgoing President Barack Obama and every ethnic group living in the US.

Even as I type and his administration continues to "ignore" a little thing called "The Constitution" I cannot think of a film more timely than Beatriz at Dinner.

Directed by Mike White and Starring Salma Hayek, Connie Britton and John Lithgow, Beatriz at Dinner makes you wonder if you had an opportunity to give someone like Trump a piece of your mind...would you do it or keep your opinions to yourself.  This is exactly what Director Mike White had in mind when he penned this complicated flick.

Beatriz, an intuitive healer and massage therapist, drives to Newport Beach for a session  with one of her most  loyal clients, Cathy (Connie Britton).  When her car breaks down and am unable to get it fixed until the following morning, Cathy invites Beatriz to stay for dinner and that's when the fireworks begin.

It's sort of like a political, updated version of  "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner", where the guests all have their issues...mostly rich people problems and "casual racism."

Salma Hayek is stripped down to her bare essence for Beatriz and you feel her pain every time she opens her mouth.  Imagine coming to a country hoping and praying for a better life only to be discriminated for looking and talking different.  Beatriz has lost her husband, has no children, but spends her days bringing comfort to Cancer patients.  She has no idea just how draining and unfulfilled her life is until this dinner party.  Hayek is mesmerizing as Beatriz.  It's what she says with her eyes with no dialogue that speaks the loudest.

John Lithgow, as billionaire businessman Doug Strutt is perfection.  His villainous disregard for the people whose backs his fortune is built is deliciously despicable.  When it looks like his demise may come toward the end of this very bizarre dinner party, one is almost relieved - yet mortified.

Connie Britton, Chloe Sevigny, Jay Duplass and Amy Landecker couldn't make better party guests.  Their expressions are priceless as are Connie Britton.  She brilliantly pulls off that white person who is absolutely clueless that they are being racists and actually think they are being empathetic.

Released earlier this year at Sundance, Beatriz at Dinner is getting a second wind on June 9th when it screens at Sundance London.


Carla Renata

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