However, it's when one steps out and the person they step out with is one box short of a crayon that things can become challenging and sometimes dangerous.

Produced, Directed, Written and Edited by newcomer Corey Grant, "Illicit" follows a married couple while they are having marital issues.  They each have extra-marital affairs and find that breaking it off proves to be a little more complicated than either one of them would've ever anticipated.

Sasha and Guy Curtis appear to be a beautifully educated couple who are both successful in their own right..  Sasha, a former model, is now mostly a housewife and Guy is a supervisor for former felons trying to get on the right track.  When one of those felons takes advantage s when things go terribly awry for the Curtis family.

The whole scenario is very reminiscent of "Fatal Attraction" mixed with a little "Double Jeopardy" and "Obsessed".  I would be lying if I said this was a new spin on an old formula...but it is not.

It does feature a brilliantly, calculated performance by Michele Weaver as Faren.  She is delightfully diabolical with a dash of annoyance.  You find yourself rooting for Guy to kick her curb the same way you cheer for Sasha to get rid of Lance (McKinley Freeman).

Thank goodness Lannet Tachel as Tai breaks up the monotony with a well-timed comedic performance as the best friend who just can't get serious until the right man finally comes along.

Produced by Breaking Glass Pictures, Illicit was released on May 3rd and can be streamed online via YouTube and Google Play NOW.


Marriage is can be tricky.  Most enter into the union with the mindset that their mate will be their one and only for the rest of eternity.  I've never been married, but I had a male best friend who had been married and told me once that he believed one woman or man can't be everything all the time.  You would be surprised how many other feel exactly the same way.

David Ramsey and Shrieen Crutchfield   

David Ramsey and Shrieen Crutchfield



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