Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Its' been a minutes since we have seen Captain Jack Sparrow or the film franchise that was spawn from a Disneyland ride in 2003.  Now, 14 years later, if you love the "Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise, you won't be disappointed with "Pirates of the Caribbean:  Dead Men Tell No Tales".  Back in his Oscar nominated, unforgettable role of Captain Jack Sparrow, actor Johnny Depp performs this character as though he were a second skin.  It's so organically natural for him and the jokes never cease to amuse.

In this installment, Captain Salazar  (Javier Bardem) hatches a plan to grab Captain Sparrow's compass  in an attempt order to break the "damned to eternity curse"as a ghost curse.  Of course, this can only be accomplished by possessing the Trident of Poseidon.  Take a listen to this insane interview I did with Bardem where he was not only obsessed with me and my hair, but my recording gear...

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Surprises are a plenty with key characters like Will Turner (Orlando Bloom) and Elizabeth Swann (Kiera Knightly) popping through, as well as, a cameo from  Sir Paul McCartney.  He was absolutely hilarious and I'm feeling like I need to see him in the next one.  Oh yeah, so, you know another installment is headed our way probably in a few years.

Oscar winner Geoffrey Rush gives Hector (Barbossa) one of the most well-rounded characters of  the bunch.  It goes without saying that he and Sparrow have one of their best moments and chemistry during a hijacked wedding scene,  However, it's when Hector's vulnerability shines through that just warm your heart.  Rush had nothing but glowing review about working with Depp.  Just how much did he have a bromance....you decide...

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What would a pirate movie be without a badass chick to hit the scene to wear all the men out, yet keep them on their toes.  Kaya Scodelario hits the nail on the head as Carina Smyth with the right amount of sass, vinegar and humility to make the audience care whether or not she lives or dies.  You want her to succeed and find lifelong love along the way.  Here's how Scodelario  and her partner in crime Brenton Thwaites (Henry Turner) shared what working with Depp was like, why Kaya relates to witchcraft and what being part of this franchise means for them both...

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As usual, CGI effects never disappoint with this franchise!  Between the ghostly look of blowing hair for Salazar, the aging down of Depp as a young Jack Sparrow, the parting of the sea  and the ghost sharks, you are always left wondering what is about to go down next.  The most fascinating moment for me was at the very start with Sparrow being dragged by a bank building, which apparently was not a special effect, but a break-away building.  Being the nerdy geek that I am, I was in my set with jazz hands over the excitement of it all.

Like many blockbuster franchises, some installments are better than others and I would be lying if I said I loved them all.  I kinda checked out after the second or third one, but I made my way back just in time to watch the Black Pearl sail and dock its way into another summer hot spot.  Let's put it this way, my Mommy can't stop talking about it and wants to see it again!

Pirates of the Caribbean:  Dead Men Tell No Tales opened theaters worldwide on Friday, May 26th.


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