The African American Film Critics Association (AAFCA), the largest organization of Black film critics in the world, would like to invite you to become a part of The AAFCA Podcast!

The AAFCA Podcast is the latest extension of our ongoing mission to foster much-needed dialogue that mirrors the broad cinematic landscape. Hosted by a rotating panel of AAFCA members, along with special guests, our podcasts dig beyond the surface to facilitate conversations that not only explore the industry, but also the larger societal impact of that work. Through insightful conversations with the industry's hottest stars, directors, producers, other key players and a range of prominent influencers, every episode of the AAFCA Podcast will offer keen and timely analysis from leading thought leaders that will keep listeners connected to what is happening now.

AAFCA Podcasts are broken up into the following four categories:                                                        

The AAFCA Close-Up features one-on-one conversations with top stars and directors.

C U At The Movies offers timely and critical conversations about new films and cinematic TV and web series.

What’s Your Secret Sauce presents roundtable-style discussions on the topics and themes embedded in popular films.

Opportunity Knocks spotlights various resources and tools through conversations with key film commission players, contest organizers, film festival directors and more 

As we bear witness to this transformative time in our industry, where voices previously unheard are getting a seat at the table, our goal is to provide you with an opportunity to be a part of that journey. 


Gil Robertson IV, AAFCA Co-Founder/President