The AAFCA screening series offers our presenting partners an opportunity to intimately connect their upcoming films with our distinguished body of critics, and also create buzz or receive constructive feedback about their projects. Each screening includes a Q&A with filmmakers and stars of the featured films, and may alsoinvolve a post screening reception. Upon request, members ofAAFCA’s social networking team can report “live” throughout the duration of each event.

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Film has changed the world. An invention that allowed audiences to view black and white silent clips, may have now become one of the world’s ultimate empathy machines. The African American Film Critics Association has harnessed this power to help ensure that diverse communities also have the opportunity to see themselves as a hero or heroine on the big screen. AAFCA has played an integral role in partnering with us to curate events that highlight perspectives from all walks of life.
— Sandra L. Richards, Executive Director, Head of Diverse & Multicultural Marketing Wealth Management Morgan Stanley