The African American Film Critics Association (AAFCA) 'Seals’ identifies entertainment content that merit special attention for their representation of African American themes and imagery. Vetted by a majority of the membership, our seals our given to entertainment content slated for TV, Theatrical and Cable release based on criteria that gauge the following:

Sexuality | Language Violence | Drugs and alcohol use | Cultural/Historical relevance.

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• Free use of the AAFCA Seal for marketing and promoting your product
• Member reviews
• Promotional Banner placement via AAFCA member websites
• Integrated, viral campaign via AAFCA’s You-Tube, Facebook and other social media

With buying power approaching $1 trillion in 2010, African Americans are a key segment in an American economy that increasingly depends upon the needs and preferences of multicultural consumers. Studies show that African American consumers respond positively to in-store advertising and place strong importance on supporting film titles that reflect their history, culture and traditions. More than 68% of all African Americans go to the movies and an equal number buy home entertainment properties. The AAFCA Seal of Approval will help your title find a home with this population segment.


African American Film Critics Association (AAFCA) is an invaluable and important organization within the film community.  More important, the AAFCA Seal of Approval provides a true gauge of quality films reviewed by the organization's well respected critics.  We were pleased to receive the AAFCA seal on our release of "NINA."

-Robert L. Johnson, Chairman, RLJ Entertainment

The AAFCA Seal of Approval is invaluable to me. It represents the confirmation of a quality product that is being recognized by the finest African American film critics in the business. The presence of the AAFCA seal has definitely had a tremendous impact on our business.

-Brett Dismuke,  President, Swirl Films  

The AAFCA Seal of Approval is a great way to communicate to the consumer the quality of the film they are about to see.  They have a very high standard in choosing which films to endorse and we are honored they are supporting some of our best films.

-Trevor Drinkwater, President ARC Entertainment