Review: Dallas Buyers Club

When world news hit that Hollywood heartthrob Rock Hudson had contracted the HIV/AIDS virus panic and paranoia also infected Americans.  Not knowing how the virus was contracted, people wrongly assumed that ANY contact with someone with the virus would put them at risk.  How do I know this?  It was also during this time that AIDS hit home.  Both my Uncle and Cousin upon the news of contracting the virus passed away very quickly as AZT was not even available to them at that time.  So imagine, you are a patient that has been chosen to be in an AZT trial only to discover that AZT made the virus worse instead of better because it had not been properly tested by the FDA. Also imagine that you are the most heterosexual man on the planet with a veracious sexual appetite for women, drugs, rock 'n' roll and bull riding, who is completely homophobic...yet you have been diagnosed with HIV.  DALLAS BUYERS CLUB sheds light on the true-life story of Ron Woodruff, a Dallas electrician, who contracts HIV, is given 30 days to live and defies the odds by surviving a staggering 2557 days due to his successful experimentation of alternative medicines offered for AIDS in the mid-80's.

Woodruff, was also responsible for establishing one of the largest, most widely acceptable "buyers club" in the country, as well as, making it possible for hundreds of thousands of HIV/AIDS patients to live much longer lives as a result of the experimental drugs/supplements discovered.

Matthew McConaughy is astounding in his transformation into Ron Woodruff.  There are NO words to describe his performance!  Jared Leto as Rayon, Woodruff's partner in crime is stellar.  It is Rayon who shows Woodruff that human beings are human beings no matter what their sexual orientation may be.

Jennifer Garner is heroic as Dr. Eve Saks.  She make your heart bleed.

With all the recent press surrounding gay marriage, it is important that we remember that HIV/AIDS still exists with no cure.  For those who did not live through this unfortunate chapter in American history, this film is a must-see.  DALLAS BUYEES CLUB is in theatres now.


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