Would you drive hundreds of miles to redeem a sweepstakes ticket for a million dollars?  Bruce Dern's character Woody Grant attempts to do just that in the Alexander Payne's NEBRASKA with the resistant help of his youngest son David Grant (Will Forte).  Although this is the main theme of the film, NEBRASKA is about so much more.  it takes the veil off of how complicated, loving and painful one's relationship with family and the past often colors who a person can be, as well as who they ultimately become. The performances are brilliant!!!  Bruce Dern as the aging, boozing, on his way to dementia Woody Grant is the role of a lifetime for this award wining actor.  Will Forte as David Grant reminds you of that inner child still longing for the approval of the parent you think could care less whether you lived or died. Stacy Keach, as old neighbor and former good friend. comically and with much disdain gives you a glimpse of that person who wants to get in on the good fortune whether he honestly deserves it or not.  However, it is the performance of June Squibb as Kate Grant that has you howling and talking to the screen.  She is so deliciously despicable and lovable simultaneously.

Payne also sheds light on how the "vultures circle" when they believe that putting up with bad behavior over a lifetime entitles them to monetary compensation.

If you liked SIDEWAYS or THE DESCENDANTS, you will adore NEBRASKA.  NEBRASKA is in theatres now...

Carla Renata

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