Oscar Predictions: Best Actress


Two of these actresses are portraying real life women, one goes it solo in space, one a dying,manipulative Mom from a Pulitzer Prize/Tony Award winning play, last, and certainly not least,  one is a Woody Allen imagined Hampton's housewife who is desperately trying to hang onto the remnants of her sanity along and just barely succeeding.

Meryl Streep has the distinction of being the most nominated actress with a grand total of 18.  Streep has proven repeatedly that she can inhabit any character, accent and blow every other actor off the screen.  However, it is Cate Blanchett in "Blue Jasmine" that has swept this awards season with her portrayal of a spoiled, delusional housewife driven to the brink of insanity after losing everything...including her dignity.  Only Amy Adams beat Blanchett in this category at the Golden Globes.

All of these actresses are stellar, however, I would be lying if I said I didn't miss Oprah Winfrey ("Lee Daniel's The Butler'), Octavia Spencer ("Fruitvale Station") and Allison Janney ("The Way, Way Back) on this list.  They too turned in exceptional performances in a year that has proven to be a real horse race.

Is my prediction right on the money?  Watch The Oscars Sunday, March 2nd and find out...


Carla Renata

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