The Imitation Game

Ever wonder where the idea of a computer actually came from? Every time I use my smartphone or the iPad I type this on, I wonder what kind of a brain came up with an idea that has literally revolutionized the way we communicate in the 21st century. Alan Turing was and educator/mathematician, who during World War II participated in code breaking...specifically German ciphers. He used an electromechanical device ("Christopher") to decipher German enigma encrypted signals, which resulted in Turing being awarded an Order of the British Empire for his work.

With homosexuality being illegal in 1950's UK, Turing admitted to the police (whom he contacted after a break-in at his home) that he had sexual relationship with a man. After his arrest and conviction, he was forced to choose between temporary probation and hormone treatments. Choosing the later, he underwent chemical castration through injection and ultimately took his own life in 1954.

Benedict Cumberbatch exhibits his finest work as Alan Turing and it is only complimented when his scene partner Keira Knightly hits the screen. Both actors are magnanimously spellbinding from beginning to end.

The Imitation Game is in limited release and unarguably one of the best films of 2014. Do yourselves a favor and be educated and entertained all at once. It is released nationwide on Christmas Day.


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