2 Guns


Two weeks after this year's San Diego Comic-Con, comics ruled the box office, but this time, it was a smaller comic publisher Boom! Studios that took the #1 spot with "2 Guns," starring Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg.  Therefore,  I was really looking forward to seeing what type of chemistry there would be between Washington and Wahlberg in their latest action adventure/comedy film - 2 GUNS.  Unfortunately, 2 GUNS left me wanting to blow my brains out from boredom and it's safe to say that Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy still hold the title for most interesting "buddy film" of 2013. 2 GUNS takes us on the journey of a DEA Agent and Naval Undercover Officer who are both looking to take down the Mexican Cartel.  Their respective agencies turn on them after a drug deal gone wrong  and they are left to rely on each other in order to redeem and reclaim their lives and careers.  The screenplay by Steven Grant is a little disjointed and slow for me and the best thing about 2 GUNS, (other than the amazing chemistry between Washington and Wahlberg),  is the ruthless, take-no-prisoners performance of Bill Paxton and the almost comical stereotypical Mexican drug boss character of Edward James Olmos (who is once referred to as looking like a  "Mexican Einstein").  It was refreshing to see Paxton NOT being the nice guy for once and even more so to watch Olmos almost make fun of a character we have seen sooo  many times.

2 GUNS has grossed $27.4 million in its opening weekend and is open in theatres nationwide.  It is the fifth biggest opening weekend for a Denzel Washington film and sixth for Wahlberg flick.


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