RIP...Robin Williams

images-1 Just a few weeks ago, I watch  "The Birdcage" with my Mom.  That film starred Nathan Lane and Robin Williams.  I remember telling my Mom how hard I laughed at a scene where he was explaining the dance styles to one of his nightclub dancers.  It was absolutely hysterical and would make me howl each time I watched it!!


So, when I saw a report of his passing from The Hollywood Reporter, I thought it was some type of sick hoax.  Alas, it was true.  THE funniest man on the planet was gone...but will NEVER be forgotten.

Mork and Mindy, Good Will Hunting, Aladdin, Good Morning Vietnam and Mrs. Doubtfire are just a handful of films in which the comedic comet we knew as Robin Williams made us smile and look at life just a little bit brighter if only for the few hours we shared with him in a movie theater or television set.

I remember well watching him Guest Star as  "Mork" on the hit ABC comedy "Happy Days".  His star power was undeniable and resulted in "Mork" being spun off into his own show on ABC.  Williams' comedic timing was so brilliant and his quips were strewn out at lightening speed, which made it almost impossible for others to keep up let alone duplicate.


His unique take on characters made me laugh so hard that my stomach would be in knots. It's ironic that someone that brought so much laughter and happiness was so incredibly troubled.

Julliard trained, often times pages of script would be left blank in various projects he starred in as his improv skills were ridiculous.

With all my heart, I hope that Robin and his spirit are at peace. Like so many around the heart is broken and my spirit saddened that he is no longer in the physical realm.  However, there is comfort in knowing if I need to chuckle deep down in the heart of my belly, I can always pop in one of his many films or comedy albums and be reminded how Robin Williams was the master at harnessing the power of laughter everyone.  RIP Robin...your comedy genius lives on in our hearts.


Carla Renata

Hey My Fellow Movie Lovers...

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The Tony Awards: Throwback to Avenue Q vs Wicked

6608_1176605568035_4071229_nI took one of my annual trips to NYC and chose to see two shows - The Boy From Oz and Avenue Q.  Watching The Boy From Oz, I  remembered having seen Hugh Jackman twice in Australia, in Oklahoma and Sunset Boulevard.  However, his performance in TBFO was the stuff star performances are made of.  Like most of the audience members I encountered on tour and on Broadway with Avenue Q, I thought I was going to see something Sesame Street or Muppet related.  Being a huge fan as a child, I was gleefully surprised when I discovered that this show was kind of like "Sesame Street for Adults".  I laughed 'til I cried and had no idea that almost a year to the day I would be playing Gary Coleman in this Tony Award winning musical. While "Q" was in production to open on Broadway, a documentary (Show Business:  The Road to Broadway) was filmed to chronicle their journey from workshop to the Tony's along with Wicked, Caroline or Change and Taboo and resulted in a very healthy rivalry between Wicked and Avenue Q for the race to win Best Musical.  In honor of the Tony Awards broadcast today, here is a look back at all drama that ensued Broadway that fateful season...

I also want to give a shout out to friends and nominees Adrian Lenox (After Midnight), Anika Noni Rose (A Raisin In The Sun), Sutton Foster (Violet), Anika Larsen (Beautiful : The Carole King Musical), Idina Menzel (IF/THEN), Howell Binkley (After Midnight), Alan Menken (Aladdin), Jason Robert Brown (The Bridges of Madison County), Michael Mayer (Hedwig and the Angry Inch),  Audra McDonald (Lady Day at the Emerson Bar & Grill), Steve Kennedy (Lady Day at the Emerson Bar & Grill)...Congratulations and Break a leg to all!!!!


#TB Tonys - 30 Days Of The 2014 Tony Awards: Day #1 - AVENUE Q Vs. WICKED