Big Hero 6

All it takes in life is one person to believe in you to make a difference.  That person for me was David T. Blackburn.  Mr. Blackburn was the Head of Entertainment for the Six Flags Corporation and was in charge of casting their live shows.

Suffering from severe stage fright, I auditioned for him and froze after the intro to my song was played SEVERAL times.  Instead of dismissing me, he walked down to the stage, asked if I was alright and explained that although I would not be going further that year...he encouraged me to sing as much as possible in public and try again next year.  I did, was hired and Mr. Blackburn became my advocate well past my college years.

In Big Hero 6, Hero's advocate angel was his brother. However, when his brother is tragically killed Hero finds a surrogate big brother and ally in BayMax...his brother's health advocate, marshmallowy, robot.  Hero learns that revenge is not just, nor will it take away the pain.

Having been around for quite some time and courtesy of Marvel comics, Big Hero 6 is an Asian culture love letter and a throw back to such lovable shows as Speed Racer.  Unlike most animated features, this one had two directors (Dona Hall and Chris Williams) who focused on strictly on animation and the other on lights and effects.  Animation has come a long way at Disney since the early Mickey Mouse reels and this film looks more like an action-adventure feature than a cartoon.

We were treated to a little teaser cartoon before the feature that centered around a dog who was intent on hooking his owner up after his wife passes on.  It was a delightful treat and a reminder that man's best friend is always right on time.

The characters voiced by BayMax (Scott Adsit ), Hiro (Ryan Potter), Tadashi (Daniel Henney), GoGo (Jamie Chung ), Wasabi (Damon Wayans Jr.), Honey Lemon (Genesis Rodriguez, who in real life was a welder and  learned to program robots to punch in school) along with Scandal's Katie Lowes (Abigail) all do a fantastic job and make the film as entertaining for adults as it is for kids.

Opening this weekend to a whopping 56 million domestically, Big Hero 6 surely will not disappoint.

Carla Renata

Hey My Fellow Movie Lovers...

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