Review: 22 Jumpstreet

Image If you were a fan of the 21 Jumpstreet series back in the day with Johnny Depp, this film is not that.  In fact, it pokes fun at all the things that were so cool about the series, which for me makes it one of the "must-see" films of the summer.

This is truly the summer of sequels and this latest one to hit screens - 22 Jumpstreet  starring Channing Tatum (Jenko) and Jonah Hill (Schmidt) takes the duo undercover to college where they try to sniff out drug dealers.  This film was soooo funny, it brought tears to my eyes and make my belly ache!!!!

Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum are the perfect "buddy movie" partners and blaze the screen every time they are on it.  Ice Cube as Captain Dickson takes the black police captain stereotype to a whole new level and make us laugh "with" him not  "at" him.

Nick Offerman - what can I say "brilliant" as usual, but the standout in this film for me were four actors.  The Lucas Brothers (Keith and Kenny Yang), Wyatt Russell (Zook) and Jillian Bell (Mercedes) -- they're are all right on point...not too much - but just enough to have you rolling in the aisle.

The action sequences were pretty typical, but entertaining nonetheless.

22 Jumpstreet opens in theaters nationwide on Friday, June 13.   Check out the trailer