Review: A Day Late and a Dollar Short

day lateMothers and their children will always have a special bond, but there is always one that is the favorite for one reason or another. Terry McMillan is known for writing stories always featuring three females leads with the  male characters supporting and always with a voice and perspective from the African American community.  Which I sooooo appreciate! Her latest feature film on Lifetime Television based on her bestselling novel  - A Day Late and a Dollar Short is certainly no exception to the rule.  This installment introduces us to the life of Vi, Cecil and their four kids after Vi has been given a considerably short time to live. With her family falling apart at the seams, Vi vows to try to get everyone's life back on track before her time is up.

Whoopi Goldberg playing Vi reminds me of why we as audience members fell in love with her on screen in the first place.  Vi proves to be a sting matriarch who will protect anyone she loves -- even her cheating ex-husband.  Ving Rhames as Cecil shows us what happened when  a man is fed up with being a doormat, while all the time being classy and loving.  Kimberly Elise, Tichina Arnold and Anika Noni Rose are equally compelling playing sisters that are amazingly different, but the love of their mother always brings them back to reality.  Mekhi Pfieffer is equally impressive as the only son who while trying to do the right thing always seems to be on the wrong side of the law and into a bottle of some sort of alcoholic beverage.

Yes, this film has its melodramatic, serialized moments, but the final scene after Vi has passed on is a definite tear jerker and a reminder that every family may have their differences, secrets and dramatic moments but love always prevails in the end.

A Day Late and a Dollar Short is currently airing on Lifetime.




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